Carla Leitão & Ed Keller


Advanced AGI/VQGAN AGI22   keynote  08.22

Planetary Affect: The World is Sound keynote 04.19

Border Sessions Conference and Lab, The Hague: 

 Cosmopolitical Gesture keynoteArtificial Intelligence for Public Space keynote

& film selection, screening and introduction

SxSW XPRIZE Futurecasting session 03.18

  New School faculty [Asaro, Ikegami, Keller] spoke about AI for Social Good

Tuning Speculations V, Toronto [conference speaker and performer]    11.17

From Planetary Timescapes to the Cosmopolitical Gesture [lecture link] 11.17

       Peter Watts: Space Vampires and the Future of ‘I’ symposium

Material Interactions Symposium CCNY [speaker with Carla Leitao] 03.17

105th ACSA conference Move to Detroit 03.17

     [co-chair with Carla Leitao for peer review panel: Addressability ]

Anabasis and the Fall: Deep Ecologies of the Upstream MindNYU 11.16

  Climbing: From Bios to Zoe and Beyond conference, [lecture audio]

   NYU Performance Studies 

Thought as not Thought    lecture  12.15

     Superconversations: Machines that Matter, eFlux & The New Centre

The Limits of Guitar   lecture The College of New Jersey 09.15

SciFi, Superorganisms, and Post Planetary Design lecture  06.15

     New Museum Seminars: SPECULATION conference 

The Post Planetary Design- A Speculative Sense  01.15

     Transmediale 2015 Berlin.  Keller produced 5 min video for panel.


     AUTONOMOUS SENSING Conference at UCSD/CALIT2/DGP   [video]

Future Cities and Post Planetary Design lecture  [video] 11.14

     Rising Minds lectures [link]

Bioville: The City as Superorganism  lecture 09.14

     Princeton Atelier lecture series curated by Marianne Weems

Shadow Ecologies, An Alternate Biopolitical History    lecture 05.14

     Designing Techno-Political Realities and Imaginaries, WSA, UK

Post-Planetary Sublime  keynote lecture 10.13

     Apps and Affect conference, Western Univ, Ontario, Canada

Drift Cinema  lecture 07.13

     We Will Show You Film in a Handful of Dust, RPI/EMPAC colloquium

Biopolitical Century  lecture   06.13

     A.C.Clarke Center, UCSD  Inaugural symposium

Massive Addressability and Post Planetary Design    lecture 04.12

     Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK

A Semi-Animate, Crystalline Existence   keynote lecture  11.11

     Nietzsche Workshop at Western iii, UWO, Ontario, Canada

The Logic of an Endless Living Desert    lecture [link: video of talk] 08.11

     PROTO/E/CO/LOGICS conference, Rovinj Croatia  

Alien, All Too Alien  lecture  [link: video of talk]  06.11

     Designing Geopolitics 2011, UCSD DGP   

Massive Addressability: Geoscape 3.0 [with Carla Leitao] 05.11

     GDNYU- Elsewhere Envisioned, NYU

What is a Body? What is Life? link: video of talk ] 05.11

     Parsons Transhumanism Meets Design

“…Or, Speaking with the Alien, a Refrain…” 03.11

     Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium [videos]


By the Bootstraps Cal Poly Research Practice symposium  lecture   05.09     

Networked Cinema: the New Last Machine    IIT Chicago 04.08  

Speaking With the Alien  CCNY: Ineffable conference 11.07

Action Cut MicroCut    [link: video of talk]  10.07

      Columbia GSAPP Action Cut MicroCut conference

Geometry, Code, Time    FIU Miami 01.07 

Politics of Time   Cornell: Temporalism conference 03.07

Keller & Diaz Alonso in conversation   Columbia GSAPP 08.06

The State of Architecture  Pratt       04.05

Drift Cinema: Rehearsals for the Multitude  Architectural Association 02.05

La Sapienza Rome:  Becoming Architect, XXI Century  lecture 01.05

Thinking Time: Materialist Digital Practice    NJIT  lecture 11.04

Recent Work, a.CHRONO & AUM   SCI-Arc  lecture 02.04

time, ethics, intelligence    Columbia GSAPP   lecture 08.03

time and topology  Univ. Internacional de Catalunya, BCN  lecture 09.02 

Dark City: dream catchers and free will   Harvard Film & Arch series           11.01 

on endlessness: a reprise    Pratt    lecture 04.01

complex time   Univ. Ramon Llull, Barcelona  lecture     02.01 

complex time, ethics, and invention   Columbia GSAPP  lecture   07.99

toward an ethology   Parsons  &  Univ. of Pennsylvania     lectures 02.98   

savage practices  Rensselaer Polytechnic    lecture 02.97   

cinematic thresholds  Iowa State & Ohio State Schools of Arch   lectures  02.95

straylight recent work  Rice School of Architecture  lecture 03.94   

event surfaces, moving sections, timing  Columbia GSAPP  lecture 11.93