Carla Leitão & Ed Keller


The Untranslatable: Summa Technologia guest lectures w/ C. Leitao  11.20

Arts, Letters and NumbersHinges Mirrors Eclipses 07.18

 summer program: two day workshop/seminar/performance

Strategic Design Conference [Parsons]Aliens and the Arctic panel 05.18

Encounters with Arakawa and Madeline GinsGSAPP conference [ panel video] 03.18

STRELKA guest lecture: The Cosmopolitical Gesture  02.18Arts, Letters and NumbersConstitution  07.17

     summer program: two day workshop/seminar

Cargo and Carriers: Sites, Zones, Borders masterclass  03.17

     Univ of Houston lecture/seminar series.

Post Planetary Imaginaries 11.15

     three day seminar/workshop @ Cannonball Miami [link]

Arts, Letters and Numberssummer program: two day workshop/seminar 07.15

Ultimate Exit: The Architecture and Urbanism of Tech-secessionism 12.14

 Van Alen Institute. Panel w/ Geoff Manaugh, Andrea Crespo, Martti Kalliala. [event video]

Tuning Speculation II conference 11.14

     Array Space, Toronto; final respondent for day two talks and panels.

Network Performing Arts Production Workshop, New World Symphony 04.14

     report on Parsons collaboration with Miami NWS; panel discussion

SitREP, summer workshop, NYC: Massive Addressability lecture 08.13

Arts, Letters and Numberssummer programPolitics of Time  lecture 08.13

Cooper Union, Sound/Architecture,  lecture and panel 10.12

InfluencerCon, NYCpanelist 10.12

Designing Geopolitics 2012, DGP at UCSD, panelist 06.12


Street Views, Mayles Cinema, Hu Enigma discussion and screening 04.11

     Keller & Carla Leitao, with moderator Anthony Titus

Cooper Union, White Heat White Light  guest lecture for seminar 02.11

CLUI, Landscape Futures, Los Angeles, lecture  01.11

Home Room Salon: The Future of Knowledge:  AUM Studio work 01.10  

Drawing Center: Power of Art   symposium 07.09     

SCI-Arc: MediaSCAPES symposium 03.09    

PrattagentCODE & Byzantine Iconoclasms  undergrad history lecture 11.06   

SCI-Arc:   MAK REDUX symposium 11.06     

The New School:  Media Space | Public Space  symposium 05.06

GSAPP: Water: The Biggest Issue in Global Design moderator, conference 02.06

New Museum NYC:  Computing the Future  moderator 11.05

Columbia GSAPP: Cinema and Architecture of Horror  [joint studio lectures] 03.05

Architectural Association London: Drift Cinema   workshop    02.05

Columbia GSAPP film series: lecture on Once Upon a Time in the West 06.04

Columbia GSAPP:   State of Architecture C21   panel respondent    03.03

Nomads + Residents:   Urban Genetics, Gaming + Networks  speaker  01.03

PrincetonBuilt lectures:  Hypnagogue project   04.01

SVA / Lusitania Press: Beyond Form roundtable 02.01

NYU: Art and Architecture in the Space of Media    panel 03.00

SVA: Toward an Understanding of Interaction panel 04.97