Carla Leitão & Ed Keller



Ed has convened dozens of events since the early 00s working with schools and organizations including the Venice Architecture Biennale [2021]; The New School [2010-2020]; and previously at Columbia University GSAPP, SCIArc, and many others [2004-2010].

Most recently as Creative Director with the Italian Virtual Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, he curated a 12 team group focusing on Space and Planetary Design, and organized the Overview Effect lecture series with guests Ben Goertzel, Peter Watts, Lydia Kallipoliti, and Stephanie Wakefield.

At CTM, this work included more than 20 major conferences and over 40 lectures, symposia, workshops and performances. Listed below are most of these events. Keller’s role in each varied; in many cases he curated and spoke or moderated. For some he hosted and/or acted as a co-organizer. From 2012-20, these events took place under the aegis of CTM, the center he directed at Parsons / The New School. He partnered with outside organizations, including OpenCog, eFlux, punctum books, The New Centre, New York Guitar Festival, She Shreds magazine, and Humanity+. Listings of CTM events can be seen in this archive.


2012 – 2020

CTM Guest / Fellow Lectures  [25+ events]

2013 – 2019

Role: curator/organizer/moderator of the yearly guest and fellows lectures at CTM. Between 2013 to 2019, speakers included Benedict Singleton, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Evan Calder Williams, Hannah Black, Elliott Sharp, Perry Hall, Ezio Blasetti, Nadine Boljkovac, Gavin Keeney, Marc Lafia, Rory Rowan, Julius Greve, Kazys Varnelis, et. al. CTM has also supported internal, New School faculty and grad student fellows since 2012.

Role: curator/organizer/moderator & host of this ongoing, multi-year lecture, workshop, & performance series at CTM / New School, & coordinates all events, fellows, and collaborations. Many events have featured substantial tie-in to existing or new curriculum, and brought New School students and faculty in to salons for performance and participation across multi-day workshops. In 2018-19, these projects will continue with New School Innovations in Education grant support, in collaboration with Tanya Kalmanovitch, Mannes, The Making Center, et. al.

Guests have included Ken Parker, Ned Steinberger, Michi Matsuda, Ola Strandberg, Charlie Hunter, Gary Lee, Fred Hand, Michael Newman, Laura Oltman, Charles Yang, Dom Minasi, Joe Ravo, Florian Vorreiter, Saul Koll, Ava Mendoza, Elliott Sharp, Perry Hall, Marc Couroux, Eldritch Priest, Quinn Dougherty, Marco Capelli, Aron Sanchez, Paul deMaio / Aristides, et. al. Sponsors and partners include: Parsons, Mannes College of Music, The New York Guitar Festival, She Shreds magazine, Strandberg Guitars, and Punctum Books.



Two day conference, lectures, panels, and performances focusing on Post-Genre
Instrument Design.



Keller organized and spoke in event, which included Ben Goertzel, Dunne & Raby, Elliott Sharp, Gary Tomlinson, Diann Bauer, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, et al.

Keith Rowe: Extended conference and performances


co-organizer with Jason Brogan

Post Planetary FUTURES Symposium


Convened to follow-up the 2014 Post Planetary Capital conference. Speakers included Rory Rowan, Stephanie Wakefield, Tamara Álvarez, Kathryn Yusoff, Nigel Clark. Keller hosted/moderated/introduced event.

Women of Guitar Symposium


Convened by Keller. Curated by Fabi Reyna, David Spelman and Keller. Full day symposium featuring world renowned guitarists and luthiers. Guests included Sharon Isbin, Ava Mendoza, Rachel Rosenkrantz, Mamie Minch, Chloe Swantner, Fabi Reyna, et. al. In collaboration with NY Guitar Festival and She Shreds magazine. Sponsors: NYGF & CTM [host]



Keller served as co-organizer with Warren Neidich. Guests included Nora Khan, Sanford Kwinter, Warren Neidich & Ken Wark. Keller spoke in and moderated the event. CTM hosted. [live stream of audio]

Future of Mind Symposium


Keller served as principal organizer, with Dr. Ben Goertzel, and hosted and moderated this full day, international event. Guests included Cosmo Harrigan, Natasha Vita More, David Weinbaum, Nick Land, Bill Hibbard, Reza Negarestani, Patricia Reed, Pete Wolfendale, Peter Watts, Ben Bratton, et al. We also partnered with The New Centre to host one day of their week long, parallel, AGI seminar. NYC Summer Residency

Human Level Artificial Intelligence  4 day Conference


CTM / Keller was the institutional liaison with AGI, NeSy, and BiCA for this four day, major international conference. The New School events team functioned as primary on-site organizers. Welcoming remarks by Sven Travis and Keller.

Book Launch and panel, Benjamin Bratton’s The Stack


Keller & CTM hosted with eFlux and MIT Press. Bratton spoke and was followed by a panel discussion with Julieta Aranda, Keller, Carla Leitao, Lev Manovich, Matteo Pasquinelli and Ken Wark.  [event video]

Featuring Cecil Balmond & Elliott Sharp in conversation; with Teresa Marrin Nakra,
Ezio Blasetti et al. Keller convened and moderated the event.



Curated by Ed Keller and David Spelman. Keller moderated Ergo Guitar panels. Full day event featuring guitarists, luthiers, historians. Guests included Derek Gripper, Banning Eyre, Nigel North, Liberty Ellman, Grey McMurray, Gyan Riley, Joel Harrison, Kid Millions, Don Bikoff, Jeff Conklin, Robert Cuckson, Marco Cappelli, Andrew McKenna Lee, Michael Newman, Laura Oltman, Saul Koll, Ola Strandberg, Harvey Valdes, Joe Ravo, Jeff Doctorow. In collaboration with NY Guitar Festival and Mannes. Sponsors: Mannes, Parsons, NYGF. Organized/hosted by Keller + CTM.

ALTERNATIVE Guitar SUMMIT: David Torn and Elliott Sharp session


Curated by Joel Harrison. CTM and Mannes hosted Torn and Sharp in an evening seminar/workshop for the AltGuitar Summit.

HACKING FEMINISM   2 Day international conference


Keller served as host, co-organizer, and final speaker in this two day, international conference. Participants included Shannon Bell, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Zach Blas, Sarah Choukah, Patricia Clough, Alexander Galloway, Nancy Gillespie, Margret Grebowicz, Karen Gregory, Svitlana Matviyenko, Luciana Parisi, Jasbir Puar, McKenzie Wark, et. al.

Curated by Joel Harrison. CTM and Mannes hosted Torn and Sharp in an evening seminar/workshop for the AltGuitar Summit.

Keller & CTM served as host and moderator for this book release event. Participants included Cynthia Davidson, Mark Gage, David Ruy, Michael Young, and Ferda Kolatan.

Superpositions – A Symposium on Laruelle and the Humanities


Keller / CTM served as host for this full day+ international event

The Signal Path symposium


Keller served as principal organizer, introducing and moderating the event. Followed by the ‘Lost Weekend’ concert with punctum records.

Post Planetary Capital symposium


Keller hosted and moderated. Co-organized w/Ben Woodard. Participants included Amanda Beech, Julieta Aranda, Kai Bosworth, Ben Bratton, Deneb Kozikoski, Carla Leitao, Geoff Manaugh, Rory Rowan, Keith Tilford, Ken Wark, Ben Woodard, and Kazys Varnelis.

CTM hosted this international conference; Keller coordinated; the event was organized by 2012 CTM Fellows Nandita Biswas and Dan Mellamphy.

Future of Security conference


Organized by Keller/CTM and Goranson/PIIM. David Van Zandt, New School president, gave opening remarks. Keller moderated the event.


2004 – 2012

Google/Arctic/Mars symposium


Co-organized with Ben Bratton & Geoff Manaugh, and spoke at event.

Mobility Shifts: conference organized by Trebor Scholz at The New School.


Keller served as track co-chair for ‘DIY U: Learning Without a School?’; also moderated several panels.

Keller was principal organizer of this two day, international conference: he co-chaired [with Natasha Vita More] & spoke at event.

Keller co-organized event [videos] with Nicola Masciandaro & Eugene Thacker;
was key speaker and co-edited conference proceedings.

Design and Existential Risk Lectures [10 evenings]         vimeo

08.10 – 12.10

Keller was principal organizer and moderator of a semester long lecture series. Featuring Bruce Sterling, Carla Leitao, Geoff Manaugh, Robin Hanson, Ben Bratton, Ken Wark,
Elizabeth Ellsworth, Jamie Kruse, David Gersten, Jeffrey Inaba, Keller Easterling, Kazys Varnelis, Mark Wigley, Joel Towers, Michael Chen, Jason Lee, Annie Kwon, Adriana Young, and Mathan Ratinam. Sponsor: Parsons Exec. Dean’s office.

Keller was principal organizer and moderator of this full day conference. Joel Towers gave opening remarks; participants included Katherine von Jan, Cameron Tonkinwise, Daniel Perlin, Jamer Hunt, Mark Leiter, Geoff Manaugh, Kazys Varnelis, et. al.

agentCODE: three symposia at GSAPP, SCIArc & Cornell

11.06 – 04.07

Keller was principal organizer and moderator.

AspenSatellite Conf. NYC [@ GSAPP]:     Ambient : Interface


Keller was co-organizer and moderator of one day conference with Benjamin Bratton.