Carla Leitão & Ed Keller




Co-Director, Post Planetary Universal Design Program

2020 – 2023

with Carla Leitao. Certificate program at The New Centre

Rensselaer Polytechnic: Adjunct Undergrad Arch. studio + seminar


Associate Professor, Parsons SDS

2009 – 2020

Director, Center for Transformative Media, The New School

2012 – 2020

responsibilities as CTM director included: developing & coordinating all programs,

lectures, conferences and events; identifying & working with external and student/faculty

fellows; directing external collaborations and related courses; developing and managing

internal university cross divisional collaborations; budget; director of publications & editing;

online presence and identity.

Rensselaer Polytechnic: Undergrad Arch. Final Project studio faculty


Parsons: Associate Dean of Distributed Learning and Technology

2010 – 2012

Columbia University GSAPP: Adjunct Associate Professor

1998 – 2010

3rd Year MArch + AAD Graduate studios + seminars + AAR advisor

Pratt Institute: Adjunct Associate Prof., Undergrad & Grad Architecture

2004 – 2010

SCI-Arc: Fulltime faculty & MediaSCAPES M.DesR founder/coordinator

2007 – 2009

SCI-Arc: Graduate Vertical Architecture studios + seminars

2004 – 2009

FIU: Paul L. Cejas Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair


Univ. of Pennsylvania:  Visiting faculty, Grad. Arch. & Landscape seminars

2003 – 2006

Parsons: Adjunct, Graduate Architecture seminars

2002 – 2006

Pratt Institute: Adjunct, Undergrad Architecture

1998 – 1999

Parsons:  Adjunct, MFADT Program – Digital Design studio


Bennington: Undergraduate Visual & Performing Arts seminars

1997 – 1999

Rensselaer Polytechnic: Adjunct Undergrad Arch. studios + seminars

1996 – 1999


Parsons / The New School: Directorship, committees, workgroups


  • Director, CTM  2012-19
  • Lang FTF search 2018
  • Parsons RSCP cmte. 2014-17
  • Univ. Facilities cmte. 2013-16
  • NSPE  PPR faculty review 2014
  • SIP Lab workgroup 2012
  • Chair, Parsons SDS FTF search 2018
  • Mannes FTF search 2017
  • Mannes RTA reappointment cmte. 2016    
  • Chair, Parsons RTA reappointment cmte. 2015   
  • Milano workgroup 2012  
  • Dataviz program workgroup  2012 

External Service


  • External PhD reviewer, Edinburgh
  • Peer reviewer, Scientific Cmte. for 2018 ACADIA Conference   
  • ACSA Panel [Addressability] co-chair w/ Carla Leitao, 105th ACSA Conf. 2017    
  • referee for faculty promotion RMIT Melbourne 2017 & 2014    
  • external tenure reviews for UC Davis & U.Kentucky 2015
  • reviewer for faculty promotion UC Creative Arts [UK] 2014  
  • reviewer for senior faculty promotion UCSD 2012

Parsons / TNS committees [while Associate Dean]

2010 – 2012

P3, LMS, PLC, DOLC, ACC, PGC         

Parsons faculty and staff search committees

2010 – 2011

SCE FTF 2010;   AMT/CD FTF 2011;  Dean’s office staff 2011

SCI-Arc:MediaSCAPES   M.DesR program founder/coordinator

2007 – 2009

primary design and theory faculty; developing and coordinating all curriculum;

faculty selection; lecture series;  admissions; accreditation; external collaborations

Columbia University Grad. School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning

Acting Director, AAD M.Sc program


Chair, Curriculum and Infrastructure Committee


Admissions cmte., AAD M.Sc program



Professional Juries

Head of jury for House for Pink Floyd competition, ICARCH [2013];

member: EVOLO jury [2013]; FEIDAD jury [2004]

Academic final review and thesis juries

1996 – 2020

Harvard GSD – Yale – U.Penn – Rice – RISD – Columbia U. GSAPP – SCI-Arc

Parsons – RPI – Cooper Union – UCLA – Pratt – Bennington – Cornell – Princeton

Angewandte Vienna – SITREP Lisboa – Michigan Taubman College – NJIT

Architectural Association London – STRELKA


2011 – 2023



Studio Three  2023

Open World Seminars  2023

Atmospheres Seminars 2022

Studio Two 2022

Studio One April 2021



2011 – 2019

Soundscape and Score: university seminar, FA 2019


Role: Principal faculty, course author.  This collab seminar developed sonic, filmic, urban, XR and/or AR projects drawing on and amplifying musical, filmic, and field sonic/visual experiences in the city and in virtual reality. A mini-seminar for 5 weeks at the start of the semester surveyed cinematic, sound, and VR precedents. Projects then developed manifesto driven responses using sound, video, spatial design, and/or XR tools such as Unity as the engine for immersive audio/visual experience.

Post Planetary Design:  seminar

2012 – 2019

Role: Principal faculty, course author. Research seminar exploring the geopolitics and hard scifi aspects of the post-planetary.  Students from Parsons AMT, SDS, SCE; and across New School. Outside guests incl. noted authors; students presented at SP 2014 ‘Post Planetary Capital’ conference.

Post Genre Instrument Design: courses & events

F2018 – S2019

Role: Principal faculty, course author, collaboration leader. Course/curriculum development
supported by Innovation in Education Fund grant. Work extends ‘Future of Instrument Design’
projects from 2013-2017, through a series of collabs, seminars, workshops, labs, performances.
Expected outcome: certificate or degree curriculum prototype. Partners: Mannes, CTM, & external.

HIVE MINDS:  collab


Role: Principal faculty, course author, collaboration leader. Explores the emerging space of AI and AGI deployed on blockchain systems, and will develop projects through design research, concept, proof of concept, code, and visualization. The course begins with a 3-4 week intensive to establish what is generally at stake in AI development across disciplines. Projects prototype what the applications, interfaces, functions, clients, and economies can be in the near term [5-7 years] as blockchain based AI ecosystems and economies emerge. Our outside sponsors/partners are OpenCog and SingularityNET, providing hands on workshops through the semester, led by Ben Goertzel and his team. The semester includes a one day conference bringing together luminaries in AI, AGI, blockchain systems, and philosophy of mind.

Designing AI:  seminar


Role: Principal faculty, rewrote prior course syllabus. Research seminar + ‘studio’ examines current and near-term AI, starting with fundamental questions about models and theories of intelligence. Projects explore how AI might be applied in service to both human and non-human cohorts. Outside guests included noted AI theorists and authors. Students enrolled from Parsons AMT, SDS, SCE.

Drift Cinema and Active Time:  seminar


Role: Principal faculty, course author.  Theory seminar on critical models of agency, politics and cognition in cinema/post cinema. Previously taught in Parsons Architecture, 2002-06, as well as other universities incl. Columbia, UPenn, SCIArc.    syllabus  

Independent Study Design Thesis: Studio, SCE Architecture

S2016, S2017

Role: Primary critic/advisor to 2 Parsons UG architecture student thesis projects. One student each year.

Design For This Century:  lecture

F2015, F2016, F2017

Role: Course lecturer & leader, 2015. Course lecturer and co-leader with Melanie Crean, 2016 & 2017.
An introduction to comprehending design as a mode of acting in the century that is emerging around us. 2015 syllabus

Independent Studies

F2013, S2014, F2014, F2015, S2016

Ranged from 1-3 credits; spring 2014 and fall 2014 focused primarily on design of tech-augmented musical instruments via collabs with Miami NWS and Mannes. Students from Parsons TransD, MFADT, and Mannes.

Future of Guitar and Instrument Design:  collabs/seminars

2014, 2015

Role: Principal faculty, course author, coordinated all collaborations, & co-taught w/ Ravo and Saavedra. 
Collab courses prototyped and tested expanded guitar designs as well as electronic sensor, gesture systems and pickup systems.  Sponsors/external collaborators: Strandberg Guitars, Miami New World Symphony.

Instrument Design w/ New World Symphony Miami:  collab


Role: Principal faculty, coordinated collaboration, & co-taught with Saavedra and Percifield.
Parsons worked with the Miami New World Symphony and Mannes School of Music to explore the future of HD digital imagery and software driven sound/image interfaces in a live performance context, culminating in performances in 2013-14 at the Miami New World Symphony [our sponsor/collaborator].   [projects] [syllabus]

Global Issues in Design

F2012, S2013

Role: Guest lecturer and recitation leader for course led by Joel Towers.

Design For This Century

F2011, F2012, F2013, F2014

Role: Guest lecturer and recitation leader.


1996 – 2010

Grad and UG design studios and seminars, primarily architecture.


Columbia Univ. GSAPP

1991 – 2010

During these years, I taught 25+ grad. arch. options studios (9 cr each); and numerous
seminars. Selected student studio projects, 1999-2003, were published in CHRONOMORPHOLOGY [pdf link].

SCI-Arc   [10+ grad. arch. options studios; seminars]

2004 – 2009

U.Penn [grad seminars in architecture and landscape depts.]

2002 – 2006

Parsons [MFADT design studio, co-taught]


Undergraduate architecture and design: studios, thesis, and seminars.

Pratt  [studios, thesis, seminars]

1999 – 2009

FIU [seminar] 


Parsons   [architecture seminars]       

2002 – 2006

Bennington [seminars]

1997 – 1999

RPI [studios, thesis, seminars]

1996 – 1999