AUM Studio / Spec.AE

Carla Leitão & Ed Keller
Founders of AUM Studio and Spec.AE. Architectural design, curation, theory, scenarios, & interactive media; residential, installations, competitions in Europe and the US. Spec.AE [speculative futures] joined the Data and Matter group show, Venice Biennale, 2018.

Keller & Leitão have convened over 20 international conferences and lecture series. Their work and writing has appeared in Volume, Punctum, &&&, EVOLO, A+U, AD, Metamorphosi, Wired, Metropolis, Assemblage, and Ottagono.

Leitão is an architect, professor, & writer. At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture since 2010: Leitao’s studios and seminars explore the intersection of architecture, urban systems, technology, ubiquitous cultures and immersive VR at RPI’s CRAIVE Lab. She curated and organized the event “Portugal Now” / Cornell AAP Folio, an exhibition of 20+ Portuguese offices with conferences in Ithaca and NYC [2007]. Lives/works in New York, USA and Lisbon, Portugal.
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Keller is a designer, professor, writer, musician & multimedia artist.
Director of the Center for Transformative Media [CTM] and Associate Professor at Parsons since 2009. (NY, USA) He has spoken on architecture, film, artificial intelligence, technology and ecology internationally. Seminars at Parsons include
Post-Planetary Design, Soundscape, and Designing AI.
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